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We are presently seeking individuals interested in contributing to a fresh reboot of our podcast, with a greater emphasis on the “dumb-ass”, and less on the “movie reviewing."

“Let’s face it – most every modern-day marketed movie, and well-known motion picture from the past is a STUPID, EXPENSIVE and UNNECESSARY production; filled with rich, vain, self-serving goofballs who pretend they are doing 'Something Important' that merits fame and award ceremonies”. We think not!

Are you willing to admit that modern day favorites such as Dark Knight, Social Network, Zero Dark Thirty, Lord of the Rings  or Avatar are all over-budgeted, mediocre (or worse) films doing nothing positive, or productive for the planet? How about Godfather, Star Wars, Terminator, Silence of the Lambs or Apocalypse Now? Are you willing to revisit these supposed “classics” and be honest about them, as well?

Let’s have some fun with this! – There are shitloads of people out there doing serious movie review shows – should movie reviewing actually be taken seriously? ARE YOU SOMEONE THAT CAN EMBRACE, HONOR AND PROMOTE THE “TRUE ART” OF NAYSAYING?

We are seeking individuals with a clever, quick, cynical/funny, irreverent, controversial, and bat-shit crazy enthusiasm; yet a positive attitude to assist in:
¾    Co-Hosting
¾    Producing/Production Flow
¾    Writing/Research/Content Development
¾    Organizing/Admin
¾    Marketing/PR/Social Media
¾    Website Design & Maintenance
¾    Video Engineering
¾    Is there anything not listed that interests you?

This is a creative endeavor; starting from the ground up - Your contributions will be fully credited and acknowledged on our website, as well as on all applicable podcast episodes

If interested in becoming part of the team; please check out the most recent program episode at ; and then send your name, PHONE NUMBER, and a little about yourself to:

Thank you

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